May 1972 Cycle Magazine Honda CB750 Exhaust System Test

I got these pages at a swap meet years ago. It covers (most) of an aftermarket exhaust system shoot out between Dunstall, Triple A, Action Fours, Racecrafters and Jardine. Its missing the last page, but it does have the comparison chart with all the important numbers. Hopefully the images are big enough for you to read the text. Click the image to see it way bigger. The Jardine was the fastest, but also the loudest, Racecrafters came in second in both noise and speed. Triple A however came in third in the speed measures, but was the quietest except for the stock Honda system.

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 001

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 002

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 003

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 004

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 005

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 006

Honda CB750 Exhaust Test 007

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2 Comments on “May 1972 Cycle Magazine Honda CB750 Exhaust System Test”

  1. Type44 says:

    I swear that they installed the Triple A system wrong, like the pipes were put to the wrong cylinders…

    • parkwood60 says:

      I have a Triple A pipe, and I have seen 1 other one installed. It is seriously wacky. I love the look of it, plus it really works well without making a ton of noise. I wish I could find a NOS one.

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