In China, Police Women Hunt Cat Woman, on Bashan Motorcycles

Seriously I have no idea what is supposed to be happening here, apart from the obvious. Strangely enough, the one image with words in English makes even less sense than the rest. I happened upon these during some trip down the obscure bike rabbit hole. At first I had just one image, but I hunted […]

Pile of the Week – Yet Another Trike

As near as I can tell, someone destroyed a Karman Gia and a Yamaha XS650 in order to make this. The only cool thing is how the halves of the Gia come together in the middle to form a kind of fighter plane bubble cockpit. Does it look like the steering head from the bike […]

I’m Jumping into the Deep End – Deus Bike Build Off

Long story short – I have entered the Deus Ex Machina Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off and started a Go Fund Me page for all of you to help me build the bike. Making donations will get you a drink, design input, and/or first dibs on buying the bike afterwards for the build price of […]