Billy Beer

Why My Silly 24 Hours of Lemons Hobby Means You Should Hire Me

Have you heard of the 24 Hours of Lemons? No, not LeMans, the city in France, lemons, the citrus fruit, or in the vernacular, horrible cars that can’t be fixed and nobody wants. Years ago an automotive magazine writer with a sense of humor created a race for cars that don’t belong on a racetrack, […]

We REALLY Blew It!

Yesterday was the day to take apart the blown 200 straight six motor from our Billy Beer 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura 24 Hours of Lemons racecar. My first indication that we hadn’t blown the motor in a normal way was the condition of the spark plug on the right. There was also this extra lump […]

Lemons Chuckwalla Post Race Wrap-up – We Get Screwed

In short we were having the best race of our careers, blew the motor Sunday morning, did a 4 hour engine swap, only to be done in by bad freeze-out plugs in the back up motor. Friday we rolled out of Van Nuys later than expected, and had some traffic and some tow vehicle trouble […]

Finally Finished Pulling Apart the #1 Motor

No pictures, sorry. But I finally finished pulling apart our Ford 200 six motor from the Billy Beer Racing Futura we raced at Buttonwillow last year. Quick recap, our first race we ran pretty good, but slow all day Saturday, Sunday we started smoking and gradually lost power until a few hours until the end […]

Billy Beer Racing 24 Hours of Lemons Sears Pointless Report

Well, in short our second race went even better than our first. The car is still not as fast nor does it handle as well as I hoped, but its getting better. Our Ford 200 six from a tow yard Mercury Comet, that we bought for $200 from the driveway of some guy in Orange […]

Part II – Race Report Wrap-up for Billy Beer … Racing

So yesterday brought you part I of our first ever racecar build for the 24 Hours of Lemons, and it ended with us sailing thru tech and BS inspections as the darling of Judges Phil and Jay. The next day was race day, but first we had to survive the night. Everyone else on the […]