Pomona Swap Meet

May 1972 Cycle Magazine Honda CB750 Exhaust System Test

I got these pages at a swap meet years ago. It covers (most) of an aftermarket exhaust system shoot out between Dunstall, Triple A, Action Fours, Racecrafters and Jardine. Its missing the last page, but it does have the comparison chart with all the important numbers. Hopefully the images are big enough for you to […]

Vintage Japanese Cars Starting to Get Respect

Its nice to finally see some interesting early Japanese imports start to get some respect among car hobbyists. I did shoot this neat Toyota Starlet last year, and now 3 more. My buddy Rob used to own one of these and I know from experience they are loud, crude and worse at truck stuff then […]

1995 Ford Ranchero Prototype?

Who knew Ford was considering a modern version of the Ranchero in 1995? Or would it be a new Durango (The Durango was a limited production Fairmont Futura based truck circa 1978) ? Naw, surely Ford, or anyone with half a brain would have figured out how to remove the rear quarter windows, instead of […]