Pile of the Week – Yet Another Trike

As near as I can tell, someone destroyed a Karman Gia and a Yamaha XS650 in order to make this. The only cool thing is how the halves of the Gia come together in the middle to form a kind of fighter plane bubble cockpit. Does it look like the steering head from the bike […]

Pile of the Week: Hondatsun Pick-up Trike

Not a hell of a lot of information on this one, but lets go from what we can see. It looks like a 1st generation Honda Goldwing GL1000 front end, welded to a modified 70s Toyota pick up truck, powered by what looks to be a GM 2.8 FWD 60 degree V6 driver train from […]

Most Trikes are Horrible, This One’s Worse

At first coming up behind this Fiero, you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, or you’re hypnotized from too long on the road. But its no trick! This badass biker felt the need for speed that only an 80s Pontiac Iron Duke could provide. And so he did the only reasonable thing. Spotted […]