I’ll See Your 850 and Raise You 2 Scoops & a Homemade Header

Recently TTAC.com had a Fiat 850 featured that Murilee had found in a Denver junk yard. Well I see that, and raise you this custom modified Fiat 850 from the Sun Valley yard.
Notice how it features a custom ram air scoop to ventilate the hood, only the motor is in the back. That’s okay, there a matching one on the boot lid as well.

Someone must have loved this car back in the day because it also features dual road race side view mirrors, an accessory hard top and…

…what is that a trailer hitch? Nope its the custom exhaust. With just a hacksaw, a miter box, and a welder someone built the shortest squarest exhaust system ever. Nothing but 90° bends for this fellow.

How loud must this have been?