Race Report Wrap-up for Billy Beer Malaise Forever Re-election Racing

Okay, here we are a good week past our debut race with the 24 Hours of Lemons at Buttonwillow Raceway in the 2011 Arse-freez-a-palooza and I guess its time to write it up and figure out what we have learned.

Firstly, here’s a playlist of in car footage of our race: Woody’s YouTube Playlist

We sailed through BS, stopping Judge Phil in his tracks with the awesome awfulness of our 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura with the straight six and the automatic. He took notice just because it was the crown jewel of the mid sized Ford line from the late Malaise Era, when he learned it was still sporting the stock straight six he had to pop the hood and take pictures. We ended up on the The Truth About Cars preview of the race on Friday evening. Then a few minutes later one of the other Judges came by and did a tech inspection that lasted all of 60 seconds and signed off on it. It all went so smoothly for us that we had to basically interrupt the judging of other cars later to give Judge Matt Farah and Jay the bribes we had brought.

As far as I know Matt Farah still has naughty Billy and is using him as an ashtray on The Car Show

Later the bribes would get a black flag penalty cut in half, and another one downgraded to a stop and go. Later Phil came by and thanked us for the Billy Carter Pick Up Truck model kit, and told us how it took him a while to appreciate just how malaisey our car was. This could have been due to the fact that he hadn’t seen the side of the car I had finished painting.

I will kill the suspense and just tell you we finished something like 100 out of 135, but I will tell you in more detail over the next 2 days.