I Had a Flash of Inspiration Today

My 40th birthday is fast approaching. Today I got my tax refund and immediately plowed $150 into getting 3 of my vehicles drive/rideable and I realized that with not too much effort or money I could get every bike/car I own back to serviceable condition in the next few months.

1) 1960 Chevy Wagon – Status: Street legal as of today. Needs: rear brake shoes, windshield.
2) 1981 Honda Passport Scooter – Status: Plates expired, but back registration paid, just waiting for all the paperwork. Needs: nothing, runs and rideable.
3) 1986 Honda Interceptor VF1000R – Status: Legal. Needs: New battery (ordered) Hydraulics on clutch fixed.
4) 1972 Honda CB750 – Status: Complicated. Needs: Motor (but found a friend that has one)
5) 1971 Husqvarna CR400 – Status: Off Road Only. Needs: Head lapped to cylinder sleeve, reassembly.
6) 1975 Honda MT125 – Status: Back reg needs to be paid. Needs: 2 bad motors made into one good one.
7) 1970 Honda CL450 – Status: Non-op. Needs: Motor freshly rebuilt, not broken in, now seized.


So its a lot of work, but not insurmountable. I’ll keep you posted