1995 Ford Ranchero Prototype?

Who knew Ford was considering a modern version of the Ranchero in 1995? Or would it be a new Durango (The Durango was a limited production Fairmont Futura based truck circa 1978) ?

Naw, surely Ford, or anyone with half a brain would have figured out how to remove the rear quarter windows, instead of attacking them with an angle grinder. And I know structural wood is still used on the Corvette, but I think its a little better done than this.

Duct tape bodywork, anyone? At least it nearly matches the gray primer paint job, and that’s a helpful tip to all you builders out there.

Who drops a grand on wheels and tires, and yet can’t be bothered to make a tailgate?

Spotted this one in the Pomona Swap Meet parking lot last month.