Finally Finished Pulling Apart the #1 Motor

No pictures, sorry. But I finally finished pulling apart our Ford 200 six motor from the Billy Beer Racing Futura we raced at Buttonwillow last year. Quick recap, our first race we ran pretty good, but slow all day Saturday, Sunday we started smoking and gradually lost power until a few hours until the end when it gave up entirely. A post race compression test revealed 4 of the 6 cylinder no longer had much compression.

The motor has been sitting mostly apart in the garage since then, but yesterday I pulled the pistons out in preparation for rebuilding it for “morh powah!” Everything looked pretty good inside except for: 1) #1 pison with a crack right down the middle 2) #2 with a crack between the top 2 rings 3) #5 with a cracked off piece between the 2 rings 4) #6 with a crack between the rings.

Pulling the crank also revealed some pitting in the main bearings and a little scoring on one main journal. So I guess I have to replace them too.

At least the cracked pistons mean the valves are all good, right? I’m going to say yes, and skip the valve job.