We REALLY Blew It!

Yesterday was the day to take apart the blown 200 straight six motor from our Billy Beer 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura 24 Hours of Lemons racecar.

Ford 200 Sparkplugs
My first indication that we hadn’t blown the motor in a normal way was the condition of the spark plug on the right.
Ford 200 Oil Pan

There was also this extra lump in the oil pan, as well as the actual hole blown in the engine block.

Ford 200 Hole In Block

So yesterday was the day I broke the motor down to try to salvage what I could of it. First I took the head off and found something missing.

Ford 200 Missing Piston

I had expected to find a destroyed connecting rod or a failed rod bolt (a known weakness of Ford 200 sixes) but removing the head revealed the number 2 piston was entirely gone!

Ford 200 Destroyed Valve

The exhaust valve in number 2 was also gone and (though I don’t have a picture of it) piece of piston, valve and cylinder wall blew out the intake valves and into all the other cylinders too. We may not be able to save this head.

Ford 200 Blown Motor 1

These weren’t 30 year old Ford pistons either. These were brand new Sealed Power hypereutectic pistons I had just installed 1 race ago.

Ford 200 Blown Motor 2

But even lighter modern pistons can’t make up for revving a motor 2000rpm past red line by accidentally leaving it in 2nd when it should have been in 3rd gear.

Ford 200 Shrapnel

Yummy! Chunky piston milkshake!