The Littlest Harley – 1965 M50

UPDATE: And it’s sold!

An acquaintance from my old job at Liz’s Antique Hardware recently got a sweet, low mileage, all original 1965 Harley Davidson M50 Moped/Scooter. I really needed little except a through cleaning, a top to bottom going through, and some new tires.

1965 Harley Davidson Aermacchi M50 1

See, it is a Harley. It says so right there! These were made by Aermacchi, which Harley somehow ended up owning most of after the settlements from WWII. Its an Italian 50cc 2 stroke single with a 3 speed grip shift transmission like a Vespa. I didn’t test it but I would guess it has about 3hp and will go 35mph, maybe 40mph flat out.

Here are some pictures I took while working my way through the project. Before –
1965 Harley M50 Before 11965 Harley M50 Before 2

1965 Harley M50 Before 31965 Harley M50 Before 4

And here is how it looks after, patina 100% intact, but now 100% functional again – Suddenly it’s 1965!

1965 Harley M50 After 21965 Harley M50 After 11965 Harley M50 After 3

1965 Harley M50 After 5

1965 Harley M50 After 61965 Harley M50 After 4

If you are interested, it is now at a high end shop on Highland. Contact me for more details.