Pile of the Week: Nice Van

Remember the scene from “The Muppet Movie” where the Electric Mayhem repainted Fozie’s car to help them hide out?
Fozie Rainbow Studebaker 1
Later they were able to blend in perfectly with a psychedelic rainbow soda pop ad. What are the odds!
Fozie Rainbow Studebaker 2

Well, what we have here is a Mercury Villager that would also fit right in, if you happen to know where that billboard is.
1995 Mercury Villager 1
Though, depending on which side is facing outward, you’d better hope its a psychedelic bait shop billboard. Maybe there is some hip bait shop the kids hang out at in Eastern Kentucky where this is for sale.
1995 Mercury Villager 2
At least you get a sweet set of raised white letter tires in the deal! For sale here, for just $1000!?!? Think about that, $1000 for the van, and you get the art for free, or $1000 original piece of outsider art and you get free transportation too.