The Oldest Truck in the Fleet

Spotted this old timer still hauling the something up and over the Sepulveda Pass last week.

1952 Ford F600 COE 1

He wasn’t moving very fast, but then none of us were in the morning traffic. From the sound of it he was still sporting the flathead V8 in all its low compression glory and the non-syncro 3 speed.

1952 Ford F600 COE 2

Whomever was driving this thing in heavy Los Angeles traffic was of course alone in the cab. He needs the passenger seat because his massive cast iron balls are riding shot gun.

1952 Ford F600 COE 3

This wasn’t some hipster tattoo artist/pinstriper/hot rodder heading to a photo shoot with his latest project int he back either, from what I could tell. This was just some out of time, refuse to die, iron man hauling some landscaping or furniture or something more mundane to work on a Monday morning.

1952 Ford F600 COE 4

When traffic opened up on the downhill side of the pass he had a struggle to break the double nickle, and there was a constant stream of blowby out the road draft tube, but it just kept trundling along.