You’re Doing it Wrong

For almost a year now I have been doing various writing for Eastwood. Part of my job is catalog descriptions, which is easy, and the other part is general SEO maintenance, and content creation (what we used to call writing). This is one of mine, based on a video they shot at the SEMA show with master metal worker Ron Covell. In watching that, and the other Hands on Cars series with Kevin Tetz it has slowly been dawning on me that I have been doing body work wrong for more than 20 years!

It’s not all that surprising really. When you grow up in New England all you usually need to know are crude rust repair techniques that get covered up with Bondo. The winter reclaims old cars after a few years no matter how well you fix them. So now I am relearning and unlearning all the bad techniques I taught myself, and doing my best to make the 1960 Chevy Parkwood a decent looking car again.

I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Eastwood (they pay me real money) but here is their page at Amazon and Ebay where I will actually make a few cents off orders.


It’s time to finish my body work, bolt in a 5 point harness, slap on some Primewell PZ900s and enter it in the Ultimate Street Car track day event.