…And It Begins

1980 Honda CM400T 1Thanks to PJ Riley (drag racer, Suzuki expert, all around great guy) and Venture County Motorsports I am now the owner of a low mileage, dusty and crusty, 1980 CM400T. This is really the perfect bike for the Bosozoku build, as I’m assuming due to taxes or licensing, most of the Japanese gang custom bikes you see are all based on 400cc bikes, with this particular model being one of the early favorites.

1972 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer with FairingI also got the unexpected bonus of this vintage fiberglass fairing, seen here placed on my CB750 cafe racer for to see if it fit. I’m going to try to keep this fairly intact so after the Boso bike I may be able to make it work on this bike.

Bosozoku 6Now its a matter of cleaning, adding some crazy paint, and getting it running, then troweling on the flair.

bosozoku 2

bosozoku 5Nissan orange

Nissan Orange 2

At the moment I am leaning towards painting the frame this awesome Nissan metallic orange color.



With accents, and the centers/spokes of the Comstar wheels the Kia green, that seems to be similar to the lighter green stripe on the tank from the factory.

hero_soul_2014--kia-960xFor now, here’s a big gallery of before pictures, and remember you can help choose colors and details, and get first in line to own the finished bike over on my Go Fund Me page. And here’s a link to the Deus event page.