Golden Road Brewing First Annual Beer Can Derby

The fine people at Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles, despite their new corporate beer overlords, put on a new event that is like drag racing tiny cars for beer and prizes. This is what the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby would be like if the adult all went away and left the kids a cooler full of cold ones. The rules were simple, just like Can-Am, there was a weight limit and maximum size, but nothing else, and power was solely from gravity. You also had to start with an official BSA approved kit, and incorporate a part of a beer in the build. Top prize was your name engraved on a huge trophy that lives at the bar (extra good because this was the inaugural race, so your name goes on top), a one year beer club membership, $100 beer gift card, VIP tour of the brewery for 6 people, a Bose Bluetooth speaker, and a cornhole set. There were also prizes for second fastest, most creative, and best Golden Road spirit.

Look for a full story from me on Roadkill in the near future, but until then here’s some pictures.