The 70s Custom Van of Your Fantasies

It’s like the Platonic Ideal of a 1970’s custom van, I suggest we track it down and get it put into the Smithsonian Museum.

Cragar S/S Rims, Side Pipes, Fender Flares, Sun Visor, Airbrushed Mystic Soaring Eagle mural (though we would also have accepted Wizard, or Dragon Mural). Check, Check, Check, Check , Check.

Around the back we have a continuation of the same motif with a smaller but still impressive eagle, and a vanity plate reading DTH DLR. I’m assuming MDNT RDR was taken, so Death Dealer it is.

Around the front we have some (at one time) nice custom body work, but no headlights or grill. Since I spotted this in the junk yard parking lot, I assume that is what he was shopping for inside. But wait, the piece of resistance!

Right in front of the custom blue swirl Naugahyde, could it be? Yes! It is! The Mini Cheech & Chong chrome plated chain steering wheel!!!  Now if only this van had the wired for quad pirate ship interior of this junkyard find.