Custom Van

1980s Van-tastic

Its weird these days to see a custom van still being driven, though I did see this one whose magic is too strong to die, but to see a van that was obviously from the 80s, when van’s were already on the wain is super rare. Check out this Mopar unit with its awesome Go-gos/Mtv […]

The 70s Custom Van of Your Fantasies

It’s like the Platonic Ideal of a 1970’s custom van, I suggest we track it down and get it put into the Smithsonian Museum. Cragar S/S Rims, Side Pipes, Fender Flares, Sun Visor, Airbrushed Mystic Soaring Eagle mural (though we would also have accepted Wizard, or Dragon Mural). Check, Check, Check, Check , Check. Around […]