Cafe Racer?

Spotted this for sale at the Pomona Swap Meet. It’s a perfect example of the type of bike that is being slapped together and called a “cafe racer” by every hack with a Harbor Freight store nearby.

Looks like a Honda CB550, but what the hell happened to it?

The exhaust pipes are just cut off and wrapped in header tape, or at least 2 of the pipes were. The side covers are gone and covered with perforated screen from the hardware store. The seat seems to have been chopped in half, then covered in an old shirt and finished with the tail section from a KZ650. Where are all the rear fenders going that people building cafe bikes lose? And of course the ubiquitous Emgo pod filters.

The front, wow! Stock handle bar flipped upside down. Emgo bikini fairing installed, but don’t bother making the bracket fit, its plastic it will bend when you tighten the screws. The add a bunch of extra lights to it. The only explanation possible is that the builder was trying to build a post apocalypse wasteland bike from Road Warrior based on a single viewing of the movie.