The 3rd Trike, Worst 1 Yet!

First I showed you this Fiero based trike, and that kind of made sense.  Then there was the Cougar trike with homemade door and flat windshield.  This is the worst one yet. It’s the worst because it started with the most to lose; the rear looks to be a 1968 Mustang.

It’s the worst because the level of fit and finish indicate a good amount of time and money were spent on it. I do however love that this picture was taken in its natural habitat, the trailer park.

It appears this car has won several awards, it also appears to be a trophy case made up of plywood and Coors Light mini kegs. Who else besides me whats to go to the car show where this abomination would take the trophy?

Perhaps the flaming skulls are a bit much?