Pile of the Week: Su. Bo. Sunday Edition

This thing is so awesome/oddball I hardly know what to say.

1970 Honda N600 2

1970 Honda N600 3

1970 Honda N600 4

No expense was spared in making this special Super Bowl XVIII promotional vehicle, except the expense of a sign big enough to write out the words “Super Bowl”

1970 Honda N600 1

1970 Honda N600 5

Found on Craigslist, in Tampa, Florida: http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/cto/4279887326.html

“This is a custom made helmet football car built on a Honda 600 microcar chassis… built for Super Bowl XVIII in 1984… football rotate end over end like it is being kicked for a field goal… One look at this car with it’s spinning football and people will want to pull over and come in and watch a game!!! This thing will pay for itself in attention getting and customer draw.”