The Poser Mobile can be yours for $1000

More gold from Craigslist, via the cars for sale section of the 24 Hours of Lemons forum. Its the Poser Mobile! I’m assuming used by Poserman, who travels the cities of the Pacific Northwest telling saving people from posers and telling bad guys their scene is OVER!!!

1985 Toyota Carolla AE86 2

From the look of this I’m assuming Poserman sports a handlebar mustache, and a crown, with a orange and blue uniform and a gold cape. His hair is a shaggy mane of unkempt white fur, much like the dash.

1985 Toyota Cororra AE86 3

Now for just $1000 you can assume the mantle of Poserman, as long as you like the AE86 BEFORE THEY WERE COOL. Oh, and the cost of fixing the cracked cylinder head (which must have been sustained in battle, because with all these gauges there’s no way it overheated”

1985 Toyota AE86 1

While it lasts, find the ad here. Also it may actually just be a tribute car to this obscure mobile phone ad.