That’s One Way to Recycle

A reader sent me these pictures of an Oklahoma resident, and 80’s Dodge pickup truck owner’s ingenious reuse of a Monster Energy Drink can. At first glance it would seem like just a piece of trash left on the dashboard, though it’s a pickup truck so you have to wonder why he wouldn’t just add it to the trash that’s always in the bed.

IMAG3197 Monster Tach 1

But if you notice the hole and the wire coming out of it you’s realize something is up.

Monster Tach 2

Now what are the odds he just happened to have the tachometer and was drinking the Monster and put 2 and 2 together? I prefer to think he came up with the idea, then spent all weekend drinking different energy drinks until he found one with just the right size can, and was vibrating at ultra-sonic frequencies.

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