Obituary – Passing of a Once Great Junk Yard

Jaws 1By the time you read this U-Pick-Parts and Aalden Brothers in Sun Valley will have shuffled off to the great big trash heap in the sky. Between the all import lot where you could always find weird French and Italian cars, and the everything lot (no kidding, even boats, semis, RVs and motorcycles) next door, these were the go to yards in the L.A. area. This was also the last resting place of the mechanical shark from Jaws (though just from the Universal theme park ride, it was made on the same molds as the movie sharks)

Here are some notable finds from over the years

As you can see, this was the place where the AMC Green Hornet 24 Hours of Lemons car ended up after its many races at Altamont in the early days. The all import wing of the yard was also the last resting place of the Car & Driver 81 VW Jetta project car, which I found and stole some custom interior bits for my Rabbit truck.

1981 Car & Driver Jetta Project Car